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I would say Big Pointy Building
Try using the loop 'while' instead of 'for' - pawn Код: new i = 0;    while(i < MAX_PLAYERS) {    i++ dunno if this will solve the problem,but worth trying. I guess this will,because if it o...
the server isn't online and it says : Code: [root@330cos samp03]# ./samp03svr: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory when I t...
have no clue it just say : Code: [root@330cos samp03]# nohup ./samp03svr & [1] 2117 [root@330cos samp03]# nohup: ignoring input and appending output to `nohup.out'
Yes,same message as I posted before Code: No package glibc.i386 available. Error: Nothing to do
I should stop trusting my hoster >.> Quote: Please stop top-posting and full-quoting. Thanks. ia32-libs is a Debianism![1] There is nothing equal on CentOS. Others have already poin...
Yea,I thought everything will be work fine after installing ia32-libs,but nothing changed. I installed ia32-libs and I still have the same issue I had before - ./samp03svr & Code: $ ./samp03svr &...
nice map,btw update your program version,you're holding an old version.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zircon-Hosting It means that the person who gave you reputation has less than 50 posts, it will turn green once the person has more than 50 posts. & will...
You have double closing ' ) ' at the end. Quote: if(!Variables[playerid][LoggedIn] = true)) {
the callback don't have the parameter : "playerid" which means you can't use functions that require the id of the player. So to fix this you'll need to store the playerid in array and then use it when...
Sorry,I recently started learning SQLite,can you show how should I do it ? I understood what you said,but it means I should 'get' the value and add to it the number I want,like x + 23 but how do I kno...