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Quote: Originally Posted by Ighost Los Santos / Angel Paine. Redneck Robbers and Crooked Cops?
Quote: Originally Posted by Strier I got another problem, "Sorry for double posting but nobody would read it" pawn Код: format(string, sizeof(string), "The lottery winning number is ...
So what you're saying is, with line 1, the code doesn't pick the right number or is there another problem? That's not the right formula to choose a random number between min and mix. It should be: p...
There is no function that tells you if a player is paused or not. The best way to do so is to check if a player has no moved in 3-5 minutes and then determine if he/she is afk.
No, look at the background buildings in the back. That's not the end of the island. There's more buildings back there but not drawn.
The error is happening because after that first instance of CreateVehicle with lolcar, it bumps the integer value of lolcar up by one and that appears to be out of that array's size. You could try red...
Use GetPlayerInterior to see if a player is an interior or not. If it returns anything other than 0, the player is in an interior and that keys you to use the /exit command.
I have mapped a small island for a script I'm developing and for some reason, the objects and original textures of those objects never seem to load properly. Stream distance and draw distance are all ...
To set yourself as main admin(Level 3) and allow the use of /setadmin to set others as admin, register an account in the server and then disconnect. Go to your server, under the scriptfiles/Players/ a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Makaveli93 Great, thanks for the info everyone. Nice to see some mature members on this forums. EDIT: Why do you think if I say "unique script" it won't get me...
New Nokias are starting to use Windows Phone 7 as their OS, so to script for new Nokias, you need to script for Windows Phone 7. If you want to stick with Java, you can always go with Android. It's r...
It just means that the phone considers your connection untrusted. It should still work. And why are you still programming for old Nokia's?
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Then you need an algorithm to produce results. pawn Код: new result1 = algorithm1(strval(params));new result2 = algorithm2(strval(params));stock algorithm1(value) {    value *= 20;    //More ...
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It actually looks really good. I'm looking forward to use this if and when you release it. Although you should've posted this in the Screenshots section. Very good work.
-1.0 means not to change that value. So if interior is set to -1, it means keep the player's interior the same when he teleports.
He's an idiot. You don't charge based on how many arrays there are. You charge based on how complex the gamemode will be.
Paid per array means every time he has a line like new array[20]; Basically, he's ripping you up your ass.
Quote: Originally Posted by itaialroy after compling, i have tryed to get into the game.. then i started the server, and it says that he hasnt found : script[gamemodes/sn.amx] but its ther...