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Compile your scripts with latest streamer plugin files.
Create a ingame command to spawn tanks or else add the spawns in your gamemode using CreateVehicle
Quote: Originally Posted by Natric Hello there, I've read on the samp wiki this: pawn Код: Created Serverwise (Per-Player)  256 Does that mean that for each player I can create 25...
Quote: Originally Posted by ziggy Not working,someone here told me cmd but i forgot it /msg chanserv vop #Channel add NICK
Not sure but, try this. pawn Код: if(checkpointid == DrugCP){    if(DrugDeliveryStart[playerid] == 0)    {       SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_RED, "You Are Not In A Drug Delivery Mis...
Quote: Originally Posted by GamemodeRP123 I have my filezilla but i know how to upload files but there is already some other files on the website like:- gamemodes,filterscript etc... an...
Quote: Originally Posted by yancarlos4500 Hey, Scripters/Mappers/etc I need help. I just bought a Vortex Hosting for Sa-Mp I uploaded it everything correctly but every time somebody regis...
Quote: Originally Posted by kepa333 Hello dear SAMP Forum users, i would like to ask you if there is any realy good host for my friend's samp server. He had a lot of problems he changed ov...
Have you read the FAQ's mentioned in that FS topic? Quote: FAQ(s) Q. I get the "unknown command" error! A. It might be one of the reasons below: - You didn't load the filterscript. - You ...
Now add the following line in your server.cfg Код: plugins nativechecker streamer I am assuming you already have the streamer.dll in your /plugins folder
Quote: Originally Posted by audriuxxx Can i do two for in one time? for Ex: for(new i .....) { } for(new qe ... ) { } I don't see any issue with that.. If you are planning to use thi...
Use INI_Int to read a variable from user files. A good tutorial -
Have you noticed there's also a respawn_delay option for CreateVehicle Код: // Add a Hydra to the game with a respawn time of 60 seconds - When a dri...
Yes, simply use a empty callback like this Код: mysql_function_query(g_Handle, query, false, "SendQuery", ""); forward SendQuery(); public SendQuery() // EMPTY { return 1; }
Код: public IRC_OnUserJoinChannel(botid, channel[], user[], host[]) { new string[128]; if(botid == 1) { format(string,sizeof(string),"[IRC JOIN] User %s has joined the IRC Channel ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mahde Isn't that make lags for server? thats my question if yes how to make another code with same functions Use AddStaticVehicleEx - When a player exits th...
You have 2 bots? If yes, use gGroupID instead of botid in the display message. You need to define gGroupID and add both the bots to this group. Consult the Incognito's demo filterscript.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mattakil I cant find a static R6 version of BlueG mysql and the other way didn't work. There is - x86 (compiled on CentOS) aka static What's your system bit?...