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Quote: Originally Posted by BigETI Fresh things could make things here more interesting. Fresh things as in updates? I'm afraid that's not gonna happen lol
Doesn't seem dead when all the cool ppl are still here
Quote: Originally Posted by aymel i remember you I remember you too. I love you man ❤ Quote: Originally Posted by Mauzen Sums it up pretty well I guess. Player activity...
Been a while. What's the samp community up to nowadays?
Quote: Originally Posted by aymel I made a GPU with more then 3.5GB of vRAM big time fuck up
Sure. Quote: Originally Posted by Luicy. Nope, I wouldn't even click on their forum adv. So you'd rather visit a server that's all about refunds, VIP, bad roleplay and bad English rathe...
Looking for longtime SA-MP players with interests in roleplay and who are willing to debate concepts for a server. Potential rewards given.
dont think the forum team has any say in this lol
It depends on which version you have. 1.6 or 1.8 (the latest one)?
Quote: Originally Posted by _Jake_ So far no 0.4, The team might surprise us later on regarding a new version branch for SA-MP. 'surprise' you say. We've been expecting it to come out s...
Henkie;331652 Wrote: -- vriendin vinden(die zoek je niet) -- 'vriendin zoeken (die vind ik niet)' bedoel je:confused:
Ik heb alleen slechte voornemens.
Quote: Originally Posted by MagicSamp You must to wait 30 days (Month) when you register on forums, I guess you already on the forums for month or ? Just look at his Join Date rather th...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stuun23 They will be okay. ??
Quote: Originally Posted by Turn The time you spend trolling on the forums it would be better to spend it irl, outside, reality. ooOo BuRn flex m8 got Hard!!_! tURN brothr u r0ck
Quote: Originally Posted by Sid_Alexander I don't think that's gunna work, Anyone else will just go and search for an item then, Instead of buying? And to whoever you're selling, How will...