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Quote: Originally Posted by N0FeaR I did change, and are u that bored so u need to check when i last edit the post.... Yes, because I had hope the script would have changed for the bett...
Quote: Originally Posted by N0FeaR New download link added Quote: Last edited by N0FeaR; 20/02/2018 at 07:23 PM. ....
Oh great, another script using #pragma tabsize 0 to hide indentation warnings instead of fixing them.
Quote: Originally Posted by K0P Thanks EDIT: There are indentation problems only i the GitHub version. This is because you're mixing tabs and spaces, making it clear that you probably...
The indentation is really bad, and using #pragma tabsize to hide the warnings in definitely not a fix.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Potassium :~~~~~~~~~~) Quote: Originally Posted by cessil I mostly just lurk We've joined an old people group where we play bingo every Friday...
My question is, why did you already pay for hosting and alike when the version was still in the RC phase and it was stated that it would be for quite some time. RC versions aren't meant to be used for...
You keep throwing terms like "most servers", "most players", "all players". What sample size did you base this on, because I honestly doubt you've seen all if not most servers/players.
There's two problems here. First, you are required to provide the source files, not just the amx files. Second, you're not allowed to redistribute the SA-MP executable.
Quote: Originally Posted by RogueDrifter @ Infinity i didn't concern myself with indentation much as i was making so many comments beside the coding lines to explain everything Even so,...
My biggest concerns with this is that the usefulness of this script is debatable, and that the indentation is really bad. The latter makes the code unreadable, so it would be great if you fixed this.
Quote: Originally Posted by NealPeteros Is there like a live version of multi-user scripting? Like ****** Docs when being shared. If you haven\'t tried ****** docs, it\'s like live editin...
To be very honest, the only selfish thing in my opinion is you trying to force them to overturn their decision because you don't like how it turned out.
Quote: Originally Posted by OverflowJ Bump! see this everybody Well, the code was removed from pastebin, so there's nothing to see.
Quote: Originally Posted by Romz This topic is no longer attached at the top, it means that perhaps this rule will not be? Thus topic not being stickied changes nothing to existing copy...
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Quote: Originally Posted by Escobabe Damn, i better start scripting. And he's still cheap. When hiring programmers for 'real' applications, expect to pay that many times over.