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I was wondering how you guys are going to celebrate the New Year? I have not plans yet for myself, why I'm basically asking you this
I like drums, so therefor i play them. Not anything like professional though, but know some tricks
Hello, i want to know what gamemode you guys prefer. I personally prefer Roleplay, because it's fun and I like being everyone i want to be in the whole world.
Are you able to also set type of business, like 24/7 - Binco etc. And does it have some sort of Save system? - Other than that, this looks very good! Keep it up.
SA-MP Forums > SA-MP Scripting and Plugins > Filter Scripts and Includes <<< Think you have posted the wrong place, this is for filterscripts and Includes - not mapping section. But o...
Looks good! Nice job Looking forward to see your next FS
Nice one, like it - checking this out
Hello guys! Have a question for you, why did you even start to play GTA games?
Quote: Originally Posted by [A]ndrei you need a gamemode open server.cfg and in gamemode0 gamemodenamehere either that maybe the gamemode not working. [A]ndrei is right, or maybe you ne...
Very Nice Made I will Use This on My Server