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How do I use a recorded file on RNPC? Talking about the playback function. Needing help since yesterday. Please, help me.
Firstly, you need an array to determine which of these the player is. By that way, you should restrict which commands each one may use (Cops and Thefts). That's done with " If ". About the wanted, y...
Do not use "256" as size, use less. Also here: pawn Код: PlayerInfo[playerid][pExp] = (PlayerInfo[playerid][pExp] - 1); For this: pawn Код: PlayerInfo[playerid][pExp] -= 1 If you refer a...
Guys, I'm mad about trying to load a recording NPC file on the FCNPC plugin. I simply can't do it, the NPC doesn't connects. I put the recording file to load and it doesn't. Look: pawn Код: new ...
Код: new v = GetVehicleModel(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid)); if(v == CERTAIN_ID) { //... }
a pentium dual core on computer and a intel core i5 on laptop, not more details needed lol. And > This forum requires that you wait 120 seconds between posts. Please try again in 25 seconds.
Quote: Originally Posted by [03]Garsino 2 girls 1 cup - will keep you disturbed for weeks. wow.... XD
Quote: Originally Posted by varthshenon Use format: pawn Код: new string[48];format(string,sizeof(string),"%s Hello",MY);SendClientMessage(playerid, color, string); I was too lazy ...
How do I add a defined sentece + a certain word or phrase (string) ? Example: Код: #define MY "Login screen - Gamemode" // I defined that as a phrase SendClientMessage(playerid, color, "MY + "H...
Seria otimo para rpg, no caso trabalho de reporter : p Muito bem feito. E qual o ID daquela luz azul na imagem do jornal ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Zh3r0 Nope, its called Trebuchet MS and comes with Windows. I just added each letter into a new layer, set their opacity to 80% and placed one over another to ...
@Zh3ro are these fonts gotten from photoshop or which software? I mean the one you typed "2011"
Just thought that, and i'm not here since 2005, so i'd not guess. And also i couldn't think anything else, since last one possible for me was color embudding (w/e the name), and also there is another ...
pawn Код: new name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME];format(name,sizeof(name),"%s",inputtext);return 1; ?
A good suggestion would be check if the player has died killed by a headshot or died normally killed, like on counter striker it shows if it was by a headshot or killed normally. Also the death symbol...
I'm here asking how to measure a certain distance, as i saw on gamerx the race stats, showing the track lenght of the race: 6.21km. So, i'd like to know how to measure a certain lenght on KM.