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Hi guys, title says it all, i experience this annoying problem so random players when they connect to server they get level 10. There's no such thing like Setlevel = 10 or anything related on OnPlaye...
Yay, thanks this is great ! Thank you
Ok then... i understand Thx for answer
Hi all.. I think this is the right place to post because on my GTA:San Andreas it works perfect but SA-MP doesn;t When i play GTA:SA or MTA I have no problems with the water but when I play sa-mp the ...
Lol even if i'm a noob i could understand this =P~ Thanks, this helped a lot!
Hello all; I'm a noob, actually it's for my friend and not me.. He wants to know how to add maps on his server Can someone help me? I have searched threads but no topic like this :P Thanks a lot !
Try to delete Gta_Set from My documents > GTA San Andreas User files.. that should do the trick
I don't know what you want to say.. if you want to add your your script on the server.. then put the .pwn and .amx file on the Filterscripts folder and change the server.cfg.. In the line filterscript...
If you have any mods you should reinstall the game, but first remove User files from My Documents > GTA San Andreas User files.. delete the whole folder, that must be the problem