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Is there not a "tolower" method that you can call?
You could set the timer to not repeat, and then recreate the timer at the bottom each time it repeats.
Also make sure you're unbanning the IP from the samp server. Just because it was removed from the database, does not mean they're unbanned.
As the warning states, the variable 'admin' is just never used. You could replace all of the 'PlayerInfo[id][AdminLevel]' with 'admin' or just remove the line ' admin = PlayerInfo[id][AdminLevel], ' ...
You're placing the hex code in before your @ character. So when it hits the @, it adds the hex code before, sending the @ further down the string, so then it comes across it again over and over. I th...
Well since you haven't posted any code, I can only assume you're creating or modifying objects. The for loop does not have a limit, but objects do, hence the 'MAX_OBJECTS' defined value.
For loops can be infinite, what's causing the crash is what you're using with it.
Print the string to console and check the log, see that the SQL code being ran is correct.
Code: stock ApagarPlayerClan(playerid) { new Query[100]; format(Query, sizeof(Query), "DELETE FROM `ServerClan` WHERE `clanNome` = %s", GetPClan(playerid)); db_query(gAccounts, Query); }
I'm guessing because the query doesn't contain any resulting information and doesn't need to be freed.
I remember some time ago having issues with connections sticking. I had to have a timer run every minute or so to run some arbitrary query to keep the connection going
Do you know which table/row that it's reading from during the crash? It might be receiving a bill when it's expecting an integer, or something like that.
Then either add the armour column to your entry, or set the armour default value in the Db to 0.0
Quote: Originally Posted by Kwarde With MySQL you could do it like this. Le's assume we have three tables: Code: Table `fations`: [ID] [Name] [Owner] 1 MyFaction Kwarde 1 MyFac...
Код: float((PlayerInfo[i][pExp]/exp_max)*100); And when formatting the string, replace '%d' with '%f.0'
Your code is trying to utilize 165 different "CarSpawns" but you've only initialized 1. Code: public OnGameModeInit() { for(new i = 0; i < sizeof(CarSpawns); i++) { AddCar(i); } ...
Agreed with NaS. Create the 3D text only once, update the text accordingly, delete and set the variable to INVALID when player returns, delete and set the variable as INVALID when a player disconnects...
Add Code: Delete3DTextLabel(afklable[i]); Just before Code: afklable[i] = Create3DTextLabel(str, COLOR_CYAN, 30.0, 40.0, 50.0, 40.0, 0);