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I want to create an CNR gamemode, but i wanted to ask you guys how to start - please some tips
Hi all! I have a problem... I made a dialog with some things and i want to show the dialog just for TEAM_X not for others...
Very nice TUTORIAL This was what i wanted to find gratz!
For what is good the PED in MTA?
Hi everyone! I have a question... How can i disable the parachute? Because i want to be rare...Is very easy if you enter in heli (or other plane) and you exit... T H X
Hi everyone! I have a problem with random spawns... I want to make random spawns for the TEAM_ROBBER I want to put 20 locations....Just i don't know how to make for teams not for all... I searched l...
what number i need to put?
Anybody knows what is the problem? Because when i press ,,spawn'' i spawn in the air....
what includes and plugins i need if i want to start a CNR server?
how can i remove the entrences? (like default ammu-nation entrence) (that yellow arrow)
how can i make a script if i want to change my skin i need to go to the hospital? (i want to disable the f4+kill system)