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Quote: Originally Posted by ColorHost-Kevin They usually wait awhile intill the game is old to add it. If they see that there's still a demand for that specific game, they add it to new...
12 https://www.******.hr/search?q=c+sha...hrome&ie=UTF-8 It's easy to search...
Try contacting your ISP. Also check if anything is being updated in the background, like an anti-virus update etc.
Increase the slots if you don't want to kick players. Otherwise, either use a bot that would save you a slot, or use the code snippet Danny posted above.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shetch Wow, looks pretty bad ass. You could make it so that you can chose an alarm sound if there is movement detected. That's already implemented, check th...
Well, this is a web-camera motion detector. Currently it has an ability to detect motion, you can set the interval for checks, detection rate, detection deadzone, sound file played on detection, auto...
Check your script man, the Blueberry error is when the co-ordinates are not loaded and they're all 0,0,0,0. Then your car spawns on the BB Farm.
Try disabling your UAC or try running SAMP as admin
If you just updated your SAMP user files, check with what Pawno editor you're opening the file. Maybe you're using the old ones. Try opening the file by going to File>Open in your Pawn editor and s...
I have this afk notifier, that when you go AFK, shows a 3D text label above player's head that says "AFK". Now sometimes the AFK label stays there and doesn't delete when the player returns. This is ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Calgon If you mean actual voices, then it's most likely Teamspeak 3 or Ventrilo. Most large communities have their own servers for VoIP, so you can connect to t...
Why not sending an email to that address in the bottom?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ainseri If prisoners had to play like prisoners in real life do, it'd be incredibly boring. This. Imagine running around 2x2 cell for hours.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dare Devil..... -BUMP- and I found out that the player belongs to CS:RP and he is sent by them can you helpme? CS:RP Administration hasn't sent anyone nor it...
Well, I'm making a moving camera for my login screen. But this weird bug or w/e is ruining the whole effect. The thing is, objects don't load properly when using it:
How can I check if a 3DText Label is attached to a player/vehicle or not?
Quote: Originally Posted by DiDok ASI Streamfix seriously sucks, use a CLEO mod that does exactly the same and doesn't crash the game (don't have link ) Thanks man, after searching for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sig Hansen Delete Everything Even You're Folder Where IS Gta San Andreas DELELTE So there wont be any Rock Stars Folder Then Just Downloading Again And Install ...