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Quote: Originally Posted by Relaxed Formatex linha muito grande. PHP код:  Streamer_GetNearbyItems  Falta a streamer com essa funзгo. streamer.dll streamer....
lol i tryed my max. fixed too many shit but i have 3 of them left. Code: sss/utils/time.pwn(24) : warning 213: tag mismatch [FROM CTIME] localtime(Time:datetime, timestamp); D:\Desktop\MTELI TEMEBI\R...
Quote: Originally Posted by DRIFT_HUNTER That gamemode is for advanced scripters. If you dont know how to compile it, you should not be running such server at all. I know i sound like an a...
Hello. As i got i'm just spamming section with errors. So i want to use, s and s gamemode , its open source. but i dont got how to compile it :/ . if anyone did it, give me some suggestions please. Th...
Hello I have error here. IDK why lol. Код: Y_HOOKS_BREAK_RETURN_1
Quote: Originally Posted by DRIFT_HUNTER That is a new streamer function and it hasnt been released yet. If you want to use that function in streamer you will need to compile plugin by you...
Try this ones. Code: sudo apt-get install lib32z1 Code: sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
Hello. Try This. Code: sudo apt-get install libmysql++-dev
Hello guys. I used Southclaw's SIF, and i have this error. PHP код: streamer_count = Streamer_GetNearbyItems(x, y, z, STREAMER_TYPE_AREA, streamer_items, .range = range);  Undefi...
U'r plugins version is not same like include version of streamer.
Hello guys. When i try to start my server, all plugins r loading but Gamemode Is Turned Off :/ Heres my compile info PHP код: Pawn compiler 3.2.3664              Copyright (c)...
Hello. Today i started testing this update so i have only one thing to tell u. when i'm buying something in 24/7 or carshop or anywere Server is turning off.
Hello. Maybe U should create variable 4 this. Like. PHP код: new reporttext[120][MAX_PLAYERS];  And When player click "YES" message will be sent with reporttext.
Quote: Originally Posted by vikoo but i talking about the fb logo not the word, Y pos is for change word pos up and down and X pos to change word Pos right and left but i mean the logo ...
U don't have to write Add Siren. Heres ur code PHP код: AddStaticVehicleEx (560,1584.7783,-1675.3850,5.4639,270.6620,0,0,VEHICLE_RESPAWN,1); 
PHP код: stock GetQuadID(playerid){    for(new i=0;i<sulkvadro;i++)    {        if(IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(playerid,3.5,QuadInfo[i][quadX],QuadInfo[i][quadY],QuadInfo[i][qua...
Hello. Today i started working on farm system, but i have only one thing to fix. Objects r not attaching to car. heres my code. PHP код: forward AddLogToQuad(playerid); public AddLogToQuad(pl...
Nice work. +REP-ed for background music ! xD
Can u show us u'r max_textdraw define?