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Well you have to wait sometimes it takes time. If you want to have good players you need mature team thats the most important
Quote: Originally Posted by Ironboy lol this same problem for me Ok i can show your guys PM or TEAM Viwer me i will show you its simple You dont need to close server.exe or your server...
Quote: Originally Posted by Antonio [G-RP] Make your script a filterscript, then simply /rcon reloadfs gmname I have tired that doesn't work man.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark_Weston 1990 sucks, i Hate em for some reasom. "paranormal activity" sucked. but we never know we gonna see ;p I have lots of time on my hands so I gonna ...
Either your missing a plug in or your script aren't loading
I can do some work for free cuz i dont wanna make the whole script i will add you on msn
You have to wait awhile to get on the internet list. To run the server you have to the run the server.exe
LOL 1990 movies are even better this is just a waste of time...
Well this is mostly for RP GM used. I mean for my DM server i use 1-2-3-4-5-6-1337-99999 So you might see these in most RP gm
I am not a big fan of stunting,But Epic video
Quote: Originally Posted by NiccoN Hello, I have problem with my San Andreas installation, but I get error not from audio, but from da...
Quote: Originally Posted by OoAMoO Its saying connecting but doesn't connect Turn off your firewall or your router firewall
Quote: Originally Posted by venice My Server Crash For All Player FOr Me too How to fix that ? Sry for bad english What kind of crash give more info
Sorry for bump threading i didn't read the date but i was on the top the thread on forum