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Check my signature, I dont want advertising here, but well if you have worked 3 years on the gamemode, I dont believe you want give it out for low cash.
between each if put print("1"); print("2"); and so on.. do cmd once then go to server log and check how far it have counted, so you know untill which if it can execute, I go for owned vehicles, or s...
What is with it? where is error? which line? what doesnt work ?
Serious scripters would ask over a 200$ tbh, for example my own created gm I rate around 500eur, as its 3 years of work, so also be serious about payment, if you want serious scripter
Try this, you just need to understand what you write ;p, not as bad, but just think what you write, drop out all unneded variables etc, and in result you get this, but still make sure you dont mix veh...
pawn Код: new Float:wPickup[][4] = {        {41,99999,  2427.4834,-1677.4065,13.7229},        {41,99999,  2427.4834,-1677.4065,13.7229},        {41,99999,  2427.4834,-1677.4065,13.7...
Show /engine cmd, please
change MAX_VEHICLES to 550 also check if you have increased array size in place where it reads from files
PutPlayerInVehicle(playerid,vehicleid,seatid); have seats params aswell but if player is driver you need to put part where you put player in the vehicle uder OnPlayerStateChange, actualy also passen...
In clean room stuff finding goes more easier pawn Код: CMD:v2rav(playerid, params[]){    if(groupVariables[playerVariables[playerid][pGroup]][gGroupType] == 1)    {        if(IsPlayerInRa...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kolten still nothing.. Dont copy and paste, understand what you do
SavePlayerAccount(x); And dont call OnPlayerDisconnect, as player DC anyways :P
Is there something you cant make in samp:O SAMP is cool place where all new programmers etc can show off Amazing plugin , great job
pawn Код: public timer_fuel_lower(playerid){    new vid = GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid);    if (GetPlayerState(playerid) == PLAYER_STATE_DRIVER)    {        if(fuel[vid] > 0)      ...
AddPlayerClass(283,-1990.5095,379.1384,35.1787,270.9169,0,0,0,0,0,0); // ammo utanfцr/ammo outside AddPlayerClass(283,286.2589,-41.4669,1001.5156,177.0206,0,0,0,0,0,0); // ammo gе ut/ammo go outside...
Then I dont get your need, why you need player involve in vehicle functions, just use: pawn Код: public OnVehicleDeath(vehicleid, killerid){            DestroyObject(VehicleBomb[vehicleid][0...
pawn Код: stock GetVehicleDriver(vehicleid){    foreach(Player,i)//replace with usual for(.. if you dont use foreach    {        if (IsPlayerInVehicle(i, vehicleid) && GetPlayerSta...
Try as this pawn Код: forward HealthArmourCheat();public HealthArmourCheat(){    for(new i = 0; i < MAX_PLAYERS; i++)    {        new Float:health,Float:armour;;        GetPlayerHea...
Sounds usefull and interesting, great job btw, your siggi: New Funtions! , small mistake