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Hello everyone i lost my files back in 2015 and i could not find anywhere in samp it came with Racerx filterscript can anyone please provide me that include if u have it ??
can you help me out with transparent background ? i want to make it transparent OT : can you help me with player skins image with new ones ? same background transparent
please share source code if anyone has it
Quote: Originally Posted by Fratello I reckon he made it on his own. No website builders were used. Not quite sure is he using a CSS framework like bootstrap. exectly i just used CSS ...
I wanted to show what i have been making . How is it guys ? give suggestion too thanks to Kaperstone for background suggestion
it is gloabl textdraw not a player textdarw and the way you have created the textdraws it shows that those are global so use blow things that i have told you PHP код: new Text:Textdraw052; ne...
check for empty string if they are empty show them unknown (here is a good example )
in sscanf u is used for playerid or player name use i or d insteed of u and you defined eventprize as string you need to define as integer PHP код: CMD:announcedmevent(playerid, params[]) {...
PHP код: COMMAND:givecash(playerid, params[]) {   new otherid, cash,string[128];   if (sscanf(params, "dd", otherid, cash)) return SendClientMessage(playerid, 0xFF0000AA, "Usage:...
that gamemode is outdated and you gotta change name in script
reset your mysql connection or set it more to 15 or 20