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The owners can do what they like, in regards to your access to their free service Either you were banned for good reason, or for 'no reason'. Either way it sounds like it's time to find a new server t...
Smith Closed. I mean seriously??
I like the retro style graphics. Reminds me of the CBM64 days... But what's it all about? Some detail of where you are and where you hope to be, would be good.
It's recommended to play SA-MP with an unmodded version of SA. Leaving aside the unfair advantage/cheating/likelyhood of being banned issues, mods will usually cause you to crash regularly. You could...
GTA-SA is a PC game. You are essentially running an emulator, a Windows emulator, to get SA to run at all. So a new client would have to be coded not for your Apple OS, but for Wine (or similar). If ...
I transported two laptops, components and a monitor from London to Hong Kong via hold luggage. Packed in the middle of my clothing, (which didn't weigh anywhere near my limit). If you pack it well en...
Did you update your drivers? I had a virtually identical issue with Far Cry after an update, similar primative stretching and object distortion. Updated videocard drivers and it was back to normal.
That would be 'pilots life' forums. Not SA-MP Forums. Locked
The tune is by Uppermost, Mistakes
This is not the first time its been suggested. It probably won't be the last. Thank goodness it's never been included in sa-mp! teamspeak and the like work great btw, especially for clans and organis...
Ask your management and your fellow admins. Only they know the ins and outs of your rules and your bespoke anti-cheat (presuming you have one) and they are in the best position to mentor you. Ask for ...
This again? Buy the phone you want to buy/can afford. ****** will help you compare specs and reviews.
Quote: Originally Posted by StreetGT Have fun and thanks for the only infraction since 2008! * Si|ent minutely scrutinises StreetGT's account/behaviour
Doctors and Nurses with Jane Rosemore who sat next to me in primary school
Please don't re-create topics that already exist. Choose one of the many many previous 'sa-mp is dying' threads from the last 4 or 5 years.
Some forum downtime was expected and experienced over the last x days. It should begin to settle down from now
I try, though you really need to see me as team mascot, or cannon fodder. When the other team headshots me instantly it helps you to spot where they are, right? Back in cs 1.4 days I played competiti...
This is NOT a SA-MP bug. Try the scripting help resources.