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Quote: Originally Posted by Songason What is a scratch game mode? A brand new gamemode, from the start, not editing, made purely yourself.
Make sure to run it as an admin -- and, if you code is long, it will take longer ALSO If there is a fatal error in the script this will happen
Quote: Originally Posted by Pro_Scriptor yea next i can do btw thnx all reped u all Stop saying 'ya thx reped u all' you can't give rep
Made no sense bro, use grammar, you need it.
Not be an idiot next time.
I like how your name is Pro Scriptor when you cant script.
Give more detail, supply the code, and use grammar, we know your a noob and would probably cause the world to end with your lack of skills.
Quote: Originally Posted by michale How can I add more factions? Like Medic , FBI , Army ? Code them
umg u use toooo many mods noob disable them or forever crash kthxbai
How do I undo it! I can't speak spanish so I can't find the change language button
Код: < zcmd Simple jetpack filterscript! Nothing much to add to this, but theres the link anyways
Umg u nooooob u stolez mah dangd tut umg umg umg. Joke.. Unique-ness is the key my friend. Anyway nice tutorial for someone who wasn't wanting to add stocks (Idk why).