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Quote: Originally Posted by iGetty All things need updating...... Try updating sscanf YSI That's all I can say as I previously stated, I'm NOT working on this script anymore. Lol, d...
can't you start up a thread, rather than bump a 2 year old one? :S @Chi it means the server is offline.
/help doesn't work. /veh crashes the server YSI Doesn't work Think you would have people fixing bugs before release lol..
That's probably an Object then, @OP If you actually saw it, it's probably a Toy from the NGRP Server. Hope i helped
you can't actually pre-script it since you need to put all the variables, enums, and defines into your script. Just use the good ol' GTA:SA entries ( Check SA-MP Wiki if you actually want to learn to...
fix up your english mate, no offence. and post your logs here..
btw, how sure are you that this won't interfere with the guns outside of ammunation? like if you see a gun elsewhere, wont the same pop-up happen?
DomVPS ( Used by JiHost ) They aren't bad, OverPriced though. I'd reccomend searching on ****** for a good one with CISCO guard to have urself safe.
putting it simply ; Remove the Sync function.
he's using the NGRP script. Let me break it down. The time in the NGRP script is streamed with stuff like Sync functions. Learn ur facts
well first off, what host do you use. and you can always set a timer that checks for a particular name or admin level and make a random name getting enum and simply replay it untill a player or two g...
well i reflected it on him thinking its for a theme, so we both got it wrong. ;P
Actually, you are all dumb asses, excuse the language He asked for someone to design it ( template, theme etc ) not to actually null and illegally download one. Think b4 you speak guys.
I know this isn't the kind of reply u wanted BUT... He will " help " you get a script which will take up A-LOT of his time, and you are offering co-owner? How about upping the ante up? I'd help if yo...
Wouldn't be hard to set it up, PM me back with what forum board you are thinking 'bout using. Vbulletin, SMF, IPB, etc.
scan ur script for the admin level, or the login / register functions and scan them thoroughly.
filezilla i assume? It usually works for me ( drag & drop or copy to your PC then to FTP )
try not to alt-tab when u run it. Or try to re-install if you have mods.