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Quote: Originally Posted by IceCube! The X1 doesn't run games in 1080p the PS4 does... why would a lower resolution console deserve a sale more? Thats like saying, this computer here with ...
what the fuck nigga do u even rp bro?? LSCNR is cops n robbers. Jobs depends on how it's sripted, you can't expect every server to have the same taxi system.
Quote: Originally Posted by zohaa3492 Had the same problem and it never really got fixed Not sure if bot or just stupid...
Whats non kill? Explain in a more detailed manner.
didnt this shit got deleted stop posting it again
Although SAMP does not support modifications, CLEO was never officially unallowed by SAMP, stop talking shit you don't know. @OP, have you tried installing later version of CLEO? (4.1, etc.)
Quote: Originally Posted by HyDrAtIc Explain. How to build a LOYAL community without even having players, you'll need an half brain to get my point... Even though you made your point, C...
Quote: Originally Posted by Alex Magaсa - Donators sure lol id love to see everyone on the server running with a tank they donated $1 for.
Quote: Originally Posted by adri1 Console it's better, reason? all friends PS4 all friends? wat? Do you not have any friends on Steam? Creating a Steam account is free and I enjoy pla...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uberanwar Are you saying that this incident is a good news? He probably meant there will be good news
Quote: Originally Posted by Joshua1 If you mean VPN, then it might help if the location is close to the hosts location. So try that and try to select a place close to the hosts location, i...
Not sure if this would work, but you could try using a VPS?
unlimited. as long as you can think of it, the gamemodes are endless so there's no use to specify 'official' gamemodes in samp
Quote: Originally Posted by HyDrAtIc lol'd. First of all, I do not prefer the COD singleplayer, however it is much better than CS at overall, multiplayer at COD is just stunning if you ar...
Opening a server isn't child's play, if you do not have the required resources, motivation and support don't open one, waste of time and your money. If you however do enjoy playing in CnR and are will...
Don't tell me you didn't actually change "my database username", "my database password" and all that shit..?