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I think I've put files from "includes" folder into wrong place. Any other reasons why this happened?
1,689 So, the script above is not nearly finished, but I wanted to do some tests with mysql connections, and I can't get OnPlayerCommandText to work, it keeps giving me "SERVER:...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nero_3D Textdraws are generally generated in OnGameModeInit and they use global variables Thank you for an explanation , works fine now
TextDrawHideForPlayer() doesn't work for some reason. When I type in "/show" it shows the textdraw and the message in chat, but when I type in "/hide" it only shows the message in chatbox and doesn't ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Demon33 ok the problem is when i do cd Samp03 i enter the folder right then i do ./samp0svr then i click enter and then nothing happens.... nothing is suppos...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark_Weston 1 yr free, not a big lose. That, and they don't provide some domains for free at all.
Try to clear your browsers' cache or try opening it in a different browser(IE, firefox etc.)
Can you access the default x10hosting page when you go to your domain name in a web browser?
Quote: Originally Posted by Vince Skype is ment to be voice chat software. It's not designed to use it like MSN or the like. It does a damn good job at it though in my experience, it ev...
Both of them have different purposes. Skype is good for real-time communication with one to ten people and IRC is more of a public idle chat that people reply to every now and then. I prefer Skype tho...
Quote: Originally Posted by CookieJar There is no other samp checker. Don't want to advertise the website but: You can of course upload sampquer...
About DMZ..It disables the router firewall for an internal IP that you specify( in your case), so all the ports will be opened/forwarded on that machine.
If you only need to detect one missing value and you know what it is, put this in your sql query string: Код: SELECT `id` FROM `<your table name>` WHERE `id` = '<missing number>' then ...
x10hosting is pretty nice. I've had little to none downtime over 2 years of hosting my website there. I'm not sure about their storage and bandwidth caps though, they're not clearly defined anywhere; ...
You should attach the player model to it(if it's possible) so it would look similar to this mod [ame][/ame]
Quote: Originally Posted by Bitrate Recompile the kernel from source and turn it into a low power home server. You could even run the SA-MP server Linux binaries on it! There are plenty of...
Or you could just uncheck this and restart skype Quote: Originally Posted by MP2 What. I think he wanted to give a tip to people that can't start apache service in xampp on windows wh...
You need to add "samp://" instead of "http://" before the link
Quote: Originally Posted by Ricop522 I have a BIG database , with more and less 10 tables, and 100 players to save they account. That is a TINY database and those specs will by more tha...
On a related subject, does SA:MP even support hostnames? I've tried using my domain to connect to my server from a remote client once and it didn't work. Before you ask, yes, it is assigned to the ser...