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did you add something to your gta san andreas?.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stgnature is dead Right? this was 2 years ago!, don't bump topics
Introduction hi guys i know that some of you may think this is easy, but i saw some players made a question about this, so i'm here to help those who wanna make a Name tag ([Admin],[Donator], etc) for...
I think players hate the map.
Quote: Originally Posted by Maximun nice map thanks thank you pls REP++
Introduction hi guys and its me, Kelbac, I'm Proudly to present you my new map: The Ships war Between Pirates and the army, i hope you guys like this Map, it took me 2 hours, ye so less, so guys if yo...
Quote: Originally Posted by VenomMancer You mean disable the recon ? bro just ban his ip using Rcon
I don't know things about MySQL , but you can just use Y_INI or something..
Quote: Originally Posted by CrazyChoco Why don't you want mysql? It gives him an error.
Try this:
ow i think that is Impossible i think you want this: Player: Hello and then when he type /red it should be like this: Player: Hello Yes i think that is impossible :3
i think do you mean the text on the chat... Show me your enum and i will do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by ****** irc:// if there is an IRC, is there also an Official radio of Samp? EDIT: i think the link is not working?
you do not have numbers on the left side of pawno??: EDIT: Oh wait i think i get it, and by the way, where did you get that (line 225) thing..., the error says it