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yall don't get how much marketing this is for burgershot kudos to them for pulling it off also i thought kalcor wanted everyone to make their own forum, now he (or she?) is mad because some people di...
recommend me some good builds that can run tetris on 4k and at least 1200 FPS
INTJ-A does that mean I have ligma?
Quote: Originally Posted by int3s0 I don't understand people who complain about YT being blocked, what does this have to do with SA-MP dying? Take it as a new forum feature and be proud of...
hi guys my name is karim and i don't like duckduckgo therefore im going to forcefully stop you from using the site by beating the shit out of you, if you don't like it then you a whinin piece of shit....
as we all know, the only solution to stop ddos attacks/deal with any issue is to block the entire country the attack/issue is coming from, you may as well unplug the server from the internet so it can...
I\'ll travel back and kill my past self to cause a paradox and hopefully break this awful reality
1. Open your code editor 2. Write a duel system 3. 4. Profit?
one year closer to the end of it all
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalcor This my site, so I get to decide what links are allowed. This is a ridiculously arrogant excuse that you --or the future beta testers-- tend to use to...
I wouldn't expect any better from a SA-MP server and I am not sure why you would be surprised either. Most of the servers you join doesn't handle user data privacy (or passwords for this case) properl...
Quote: Originally Posted by SyS That's not the case here ,those are macros which will be replaced by corresponding array it specifies, on compile time. PHP Code: #define GetPlayerCoun...
Consider returning the result as a reference instead of the function returning mechanism which is known to be buggy when dealing with arrays (strings). PHP Code: GetPlayerCountry(playerid, dest[...
You could use web sockets from the requests plugin:
Quote: Originally Posted by Wreeper Today i learned that sscanf is not installable By the way i learned & understanded fully HTML & CSS & JavaScript for websites today too. ...
how hard must pressing enter twice after each paragraph be
Quote: Originally Posted by Unkovic btw, they will need connection part. Table creation (which can be created through inc, but.. huh). That is only problem. I don't have too long discuss...
Why would you copy a shit game to a shit mod that's based on a shit game? That doesn't make any shit sense.
Quote: Originally Posted by div Would you check the particular LINK OUT? Ubuntu isn't available with those particular VPS series. *BULLSHIT* Why would Ubuntu be unavailable? You surel...