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Well, you can do a check on every payday to see how much player has EXP points. And if he has enough for a next level just upgrade him. [Offtopic]: I guess you are from Bosnia/Croatia/Serbia or some ...
Are these arrays global? pawn Код: new ids,w1,w2,string[128];
Your problem is that you use params with sscanf ( Just to say, that is not wrong but you'll have to do much more ) you should just make a new array with it's size and put it in sscanf instead of param...
Yeah, it's true that you can edit it but other people will not be able to see your edits (unless they download that and install those files) 'cause those edits are not server based. One way would be ...
Maybe I'm missing the point, but if you make any mods that are not server based, players will not be able to see them. Unless they download and install them.
I'm just gonna say to you - really hard. And + I think client doesn't support your editing/remaking buttons. So... What's wrong with using standard buttons? I know there is now 'K' button but it's the...
Yeah, It's 1. Sorry about my first post, I had some troubles with that too.
Can you show me your code? Only one /enter command where you have that crash.
I know what ASCII means. Well, you can try, but as far as I know it's not possible.
This is a wrong topic for your needs. There is a different topic called "Script Request Thread". Use it. Maybe there someone will help you.
There's some bug/error in your code.
In the future - probably yes. Now - nope. Because you can't detect 'F5', you can only detect these keys.
OMFG Dude!! For real?!? Get the coordinates of the place you want to checkpoint to be. Let's name it like: CPX - coordinate X CPY - coordinate Y CPZ - coordinate Z And then just put the code like thi...
There's no errors shown in your server_log.txt Must be in your script, try to look at "login" command or something like that, or you don't have a "scriptfiles" folder or any sub-folder that you use in...
Yeah, you can't actually do it (or I can't thing of a way to do this). But you can start a timer with save time between 4<x secs what can save pos. Every second loop will really drain your CPU.
I think that OnPlayerDisconnect is not called on player crash. You should to what funky1234 said.
You don't need to use dini for that. You can make it like this. (This is the simplest I could make) pawn Код: dcmd_savetime(playerid, params[]){    new hour, mins, secs;    new string[12];  ...
Sure you can. You'll need this and this.
Yes, that is definitely possible but I don't think you'll find that script here. You will have to do it alone.