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Quote: Originally Posted by Flamehaze7 They are required if you use sscanf2 and streamer so you have to download them, place them inside the /plugin/ folder in your sa-mp server directory ...
Quote: Originally Posted by venomlivno8 It says that plugins failed to loaded, maybe you should try redownloading plugin .dll files Done that already. From Incognitos and Emmet_'s? topi...
Quote: Originally Posted by venomlivno8 It says that plugins streamer and sscanf fail to load. Sur thing i did. Also, it says "0 plugins loaded" not even failed if I have not added them.
Hello! Well, tried to make a new svr with optimized code, updated plugins and includes. Downloaded about 20 ago, so, the newest. (and yes, the script makes no error and compiles w/o any problems) Her...
okey to make t easier to explain: PHP Code: TimePassedSince(playerid, datetime[]) {     new str[128];     format(str, sizeof(str), "Since last login you have missed %02d days ...
Heelloo every1! I have been trying to make a script, witch calculates how much time passed since player last logged in. So, I have this datetime script I made, 1min = 5005ms As the minutes goes when...
well, i have done everything, works fine for me. but the problem with compl. part, i have mac so, i cannot use pawncc.exe, is there any way to fix this? followed the whole tut and everything else, exc...
also. if you know php, there will be no probs with pawn. if you have trouble to get the idea how pawn lang works. just warch some vids about php. anyhow, you will learn one of them
fixed. some of my functions are somehow blocking SetTimer function, possible return 0 fault.
found a solution! PHP код: #function GetVehicleRelativePos(vehicleid, &Float:x, &Float:y, &Float:z, Float:xoff= 0.0, Float:yoff= 0.0, Float:zoff= 0.0) {     new Float:...
well, i tried to make a function that checks if player is near driver's door. PHP код: new Float: x, Float: y, Float: z; GetVehicleModelInfo(car[id][carModel], VEHICLE_MODEL_INFO_FRONTS...
PHP код: TogglePlayerSpectating(playerid, false); 
make a variable bool: roundHeal[MAX_PLAYERS]; on round start set roundHeal[playerid] = true; when player heals make roundHeal[playerid] = false; on round ends make roundHeal[playerid] = false;
Quote: Originally Posted by F1N4L blah .. blah .. blah.. Read the first one
did you tried TextDrawShowForPlayer on connect? Also, this could be more easier for use: PHP код: new Text: txtN, Text: txtEW, Text: txtA, Text: txtGE; new Text: txtD, Text: txtEAT...
26 witch bodypart has been hit -> if has armour -> if they have, take amount of armour instead of health also, you can make variable to set weapo...
Fixed, my house system was somehow bugging those textdraws.
Title says almost everything.. still... I made cmd /changewheels and I should show model selection textdraws, also be able to click and change wheels. Truth, it's not working since I started script th...
great, a few things could be better. however, good map. keep it updated.