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This is weird. I tested that code on my local server and it's working fine. I know this question will be a bit stupid, but are you maybe editing the wrong script?
I meant by trying to use different id is that you change the id of DIALOG_SHOP at definition. pawn Code: #define DIALOG_SHOP 6161
What you can do is to print a string to console in your condition where you compare the dialog id to be sure if it's even gets called. pawn Code: if(dialogid == DIALOG_SHOP){    print("action for ...
Do you lose cash when you buy a weapon? Also show me the line where you make the dialog visible for player. Does that occur for all weapons? Check if the weapon ids in definitions are correct.
No need to initialize random values within each case. Also the brackets are useless there. pawn Code: new rand = random(5);switch(rand){    case 0:    {    }    case 1:    {    }    ca...
Show me how your WEAPON_SHOP array looks like and the line where you show that dialog to a player.
There's an easier way to do that. At first you define a variable which saves the timestamp at the moment where the player used that command. And when he uses the command again, you simply subtract tha...
If it saves correctly, there should be problem on loading data. Show me your code where you load user data on a successfully login.
You can create a variable for each player which saves the last ID of vehicle that has been created by him. Код: new LastVehicleID[MAX_PLAYERS]; Reset and delete it on join and on leave. Код: p...
Change Код: UPDATE 'players' to Код: UPDATE `players` or Код: UPDATE players
I don't understand why you're assigning a vehicle id into a float variable. PHP код: stock GetClosestVehicle(playerid, Float:range) {     new Float: x, Float: y, Float: z;     ...
I never heard these files plus you're wrong here. This section is for scripting helps. Go and ****** these files.
I modified Lordzy's code. pawn Код: for(new i = 0; i < sizeof(Intro[playerid]); i++)    PlayerTextDrawHide(playerid, Intro[playerid][i]));
Quote: Originally Posted by Spydah Still looking for BETA Testers for our Prison Roleplay, there is much to test on! I sent you PM.
Are you sure you're loading the stats properly?
Are you using any plugin? If yes make sure that you're using the correct version.
Why you don't pass the id of this timer into a variable? I mean. PHP код: new gRapeTimer[MAX_PLAYERS]; // initialize gRapeTimer[playerid] = SetTimerEx("RapeEffect", RapeTimer, true, "i...
How are you setting the timer? Can you show me the line?