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As the users of above say it is not %d if not %s greetings. pawn Код: new Name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME];new string[256];new PlayerIP[16];GetPlayerIp(playerid, PlayerIP, sizeof(PlayerIP));GetPlayerName(pl...
you are missing the "cuffs" file in your include folder of the pawno folder, do you understand?
lo de la mъsica en linea por medio de .php .-. їcomo carajo la hago funcionar lol? xD
that does not happen when a player is this lake? xD
is a command that you have badly put the sscanf2, look good
Quote: Originally Posted by Zedder Make your own textdraw of money bar over the default one and do whatever you want to do with that. try it but nothing so it's illogical e.e Quote: ...
Hello good evening, days, depending on your time zone, I wanted to comment that you had a small problem with the default money of SA-MP some users when completing the limit of money jumps the red and ...
change the number Код: #define DIALOG_PLAYER_TOYS 10 #define dRegistro 11 It depends on what number you have in your GM, maybe it will help you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Oficer Okey thanks What in this line is wrong? warning 213: tag mismatch PHP код: mysql_format(SqlGM, samp, sizeof(samp), "SELECT * from 'pla...
Quote: Originally Posted by adri1 Ok, has been removed from game-mp, but the attacker have more servers on hosted tab, he is using now for attacking. ...
Код: new MySQL:sql; it works for you like this? I've never used MySQL, but just the same here I leave the link where I saw this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Oficer ^ Okey is good, I have wrong defined colors. Thanks bro! And this: error 017: undefined symbol "GetPlayerNick" Код: stock GetPlayerNick(playerid)...
Quote: Originally Posted by Oficer same Код HTML: gamemode.pwn(30) : error 001: expected token: "-string end-", but found "-identifier-" gamemode.pwn(30) : error 001: expected token: "...
do not delete the "" Код: format(string,sizeof(string),""RED"["TAG"]: "WHITE"Hi"RED"%s "WHITE" on this server", GetPlayerNick(playerid));
Tienes que esperar hasta que actualize, ya que hay veces que demora >.< me paso a mi x'D asн que ten paciencia.
Quote: Originally Posted by T0Play Kalcor ya se olvido de SA-MP parece.. No del tanto, por la nueva actualizaciуn que subiу que aunque no fue mucho pero aun asн le falta mбs protecc...