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Well it isnt that old of an topic.. BUMP! I was thinking, something that might work.. Ill keep it simple with small numbers, cause it can get confusing very quick if you use larger numbers.. So you ...
Quote: [17:37:07] *** Streamer Plugin: Obsolete or invalid native "Streamer_VerifyCheckpoint" found (script needs to be recompiled with the latest include file) [17:37:07] *** Streamer Plu...
Yes or you could run your "Save" function, so you dont have to type out that query, again.
Look at the second query you are trying to run, its trying to "insert" those records while you should be updateing them like in your Save function.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark_Weston Hey there, I am trying to do two banks, in two different citys. This is the one for FC. pawn Код: if(IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(playerid, 2.0, -1...
Not without a script we can't
You could use a variable to check wether they used one of those commands (IE: playerKilledSelf[MAX_PLAYERS]) and at OnPlayerDeath check if its 1 or 0, if it was 1 don't take money. PHP код: ne...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dan_Barocu Код: public OnPlayerEnterVehicle(playerid, vehicleid, ispassenger) { new vid = GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid); GetVehicleParam...
Quote: Originally Posted by Norn Use w3schools, premade code wont help you learn. And w3schools doesnt give you premade code, lol. HTML is nothing without CSS (If you want a nice look...
Shoot the guy and type /me shot a faggot
Quote: Originally Posted by Mujib Hahahahaahaha xD Who said that I still play SA-MP, this was one of the easiest idea's I could think of so I just made it youre targeting audience is l...
of course this app was highly needed because there is 1 person with a playbook that actually still plays samp, mujib i am disappoint.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sunday_Driver You need to run it normally (Do not touch the compatibility in properties of program "Both SAMP & SA") make sure you have the 1.0 US/EU Versio...
nahh i get this for samp: Code: SA-MP 0.3c-R3 Exception At Address: 0x004DD5A3 Registers: EAX: 0x00000032 EBX: 0x00000000 ECX: 0x00000000 EDX: 0x0008E8B8 ESI: 0x00B6BD44 EDI: 0x00000001 EBP: 0x7675F...
yes, and i already tried installing it in an other directory
Hey, I got this little problem, i recently reinstalled my laptop and installed GTA SA again (with samp) but i cant get it to work, I've tried the windows 7 crash fix explained in the sticky topic in ...
Nu maar hopen dat ze de port naar de PC niet verneuken..
Quote: Originally Posted by Tye Huntley Ive learned a whole diffrent language I learned how to script Garrys Mod and I have tried pawno but I am failing math LOL lua is more difficult ...
KillTimer(Rentbike(playerid)); is wrong. change it to the timers variable.
Quote: Originally Posted by sjvt serverFFS faalt sinds Wouter weg is. LOL JK het heeft altijd al gefaalt zelfs met wouter, l2pkthxbai