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Nice Again and Again .. Uhh So Sweet..
Quote: Originally Posted by ALiScripter create your own anti cheat. Lols, Not Give Solution.. I Ask SA-MP for the Better Anti Cheat Just Give Suggestion .. Ehhmm ,, You not Give Any So...
Change the plugins line at server.cfg Quote: plugins streamer sscanf crashdetect SART You Must read this Quote: [17:46:02] CrashDetect must be loaded before 'SART.DL...
Recently i already search the Anti Cheat at Forum SA-MP But I Doubt with the performance Anti Cheat , I worry with the incorrect detection , Because that i ask the SA-MP , Maybe you experienced with t...
Quote: Originally Posted by OstGot v2.5 - Minor optimization - Added the ability to call items only by quick double click - Fixed a bug with call ShowPlayerAltDialog in OnAltDialogRespons...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stinged Either Whirlpool or the new 0.3.7 SHA256 function. Whirlpool is more secure but SA-MP isn't a bank or something, so SHA256 should be more than enough. h...
Anyone ? I Need a simple Example for using this Function
Quote: Originally Posted by Vince Udb_hash is NOT a hashing algorithm and utter crap. I think you could've deducted that yourself by the fact that the udb_hash function (a.k.a. Adler32 che...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chilli9434 Whirlpool and use a random salt for the best security in my opinion. Great tutorial here if needed:
Quote: Originally Posted by Deroxi If fully your choice. If you'd ask me: Whirlpool Yeah , Maybe the Accurate is High !! I Doubt with this choice ... so i ask SA-MP
I Want to using Y_Ini for My Gamemode ... So I Want to store the Password and Get a Password Is Corret or Not at OnPlayerConnect .... So the Better I Use ... WP_Hash (Whirlpool) or udb_Hash (Dracoblu...
Using gettickcount !! Create Variable for Store the time .. And if the player used command before the time over .. using gettickcount - varible .. for get a reamining time to use again
Quote: Originally Posted by aoEXE At start any server, SA-MP adds objects to GTA map (isn't gamemode). how remove this objects? RemoveBuildingForPlayer !! Read More on Wiki SAMP