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COPS 'n CRIMINALS by biltong This is not your ordinary Cops v Criminals. It is not a roleplay gamemode at all. In this GM, Cops have to get in their Hunters and kill the Criminals, who ride around o...
Quote: Originally Posted by knight01 I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS PLEASE EXPLAIN MORE!!!! GOD DO I HAVE TO USE CAPS TO GET UR DAMN ATTION Well, since your first post was Quote: ...
OFC it's possible to LAN SAMP. First, decide which PC will have the server (usually the faster one). Then, start SA:MP on that computer, add a new server to favourites with the IP Now, cl...
Seems you have the Windows 7 80% crash. Check the sticky thread.
The errors you're getting are saying that things are being defined twice. Comment out strtok and isNumeric in
IF you have your own admin script/login script, then just make a variable in the script called whatever you like, then set it to 1 when a player logs in. Then, under OnPlayerRequestSpawn, check if tha...
tl;dr but it looks great, hope this gets stickied so we don't have as many n00bz posting ^^
pawn Код: #include <a_samp>//Car Deliver Job #1#define cardelckp1 2296.0818,1956.2855,9.5943new cardel1;new cardeljob1 = 0;new cardelpik1;public OnFilterScriptInit(){  cardel1=AddStaticVehi...
Quote: Originally Posted by Joe Torran C PAWN Lang Scripting Questions 1. When a player dies, I get it to show the hospital and it says that your recovering, But after a second or two, It...
Ok, please don't rage me or something, I've only just started C++. How do I put my gamemode into this? You say to put the code into the Gamemode project, but what do I do after that? What do I includ...
Check the wiki's article on sscanf, there is a kick command using it(with zcmd or dcmd, I can't remember)that you can edit to your liking.
I believe sscanf returns 0 if it's conditions are met or something. At line 4155, it should be: pawn Код: if(sscanf(params, "s", car)) return SendClientMessage(/*error message*/else{  //code...}
replace the error line with pawn Код: if(!strcmp(cesta1, IPs, false)) EDIT: pawn Код: new jmeno[MAX_PLAYER_NAME], cesta[255], cesta1[255], IPs[16];GetPlayerIp(playerid, IPs, sizeof(IPs));GetP...
I can answer the random colour part, just use CreateVehicle(modelid, x, y, z, -1, -1, 60); Then -1s mean random colour. As for the optional parameters, I think if you do something like this: pawn ...
Thanks guys, though it works for DestroyVehicle(vehicleid),
Making a tutorial, so: pawn Код: SetTimerEx("GameTextForPlayer", 10000, false, "isii", playerid, "blablabla", 10000, 5);and so on. But nothing comes up Too lazy to make a textdraw.
Can I use it with GameTextForPlayer? I tried and it's not working.
Save each player's weapon in a file/variable as they leave a vehicle, check which ones they bought, then reset their weapons, then give them the legally owned weapons back.
Not 100% if this converts pickups, but:
Quote: Originally Posted by » RyDeR « Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say - Official Video Seriously, whatcha say? Epic post is epic