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Im looking for a scripter to my server. We can talk more on MSN. add me
I'll script free man, Add msn :
you need a "MAPEDITOR" http://www.******.se/ - In ****** : "Download Map editor Sa-mp" - Find good link and download!
I need a littel guide how to make something like a gate and how do i place it in script so it works, add me msn:
Also, Mapper ? Also I only want know how to make 1. gates 2. fences
Hello, I have a gameserver and the name is "Swedish Roleplay [0.3c]" And I need a mapper and a scripter, I wont pay for it so if you want you can help me. I will give refunds on the server to. here i...
Hm. I cant add cars, I removed all cars in the script and now I try /veh, and it dosent save, how to do ?
I need help to script on my server. I have a good GM, and Need script some in it, It had been good if u had fix it, its not so big detaljs, So please try to help me ? Msn: ...
Hm, Can u add me MSN ?
Searching for a scipter with good GM, for free Add MSN:
Hello My name is Putte Valachi, I have just open a server and I need a scripter, becuase Im bad to script, If you want script you can contact me on E-MAIL : Server IP : 81.22...