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There's original plugin: And pluginless implementation:
Yup, you set the timer to be repeating: pawn Код: SetTimer("cerrojoTime", 500, true);// set it toSetTimer("cerrojoTime", 500, false);
There are three (simplified) scenarios: 1. You need a callback, or the function is called by a timer: use forward + public 2. You write a function in your gamemode. Do not use anything! Just write: p...
That's not the reason. Show 10 lines before and 10 lines after.
Usually it's done a bit differently: pawn Код: //instead#define VIPHEADSHOW            true //just#define VIPHEADSHOW//instead#if VIPHEADTAG == true //I assume you wanted to put VIPHEADSHOW ...
If you want to use faster pawn compiler without having to edit some libraries, use "-Z+" flag.
Rename is a reserved keyword in SQL, that's why "`" helped.
40 I believe "Lock" is a reserved keyword. Try wrapping it in "`"
From the maintainer himself:
Damn! That's a shame. Can you answer a few questions for me though? In which language did you write it? What's the performance of it for a "standard", non-modular, say, 100k lines project? How it deal...
Enum PlayerInfos doesn't contain those indexes. And it points at a better way to handle weapons (using an array wiht pWeapon), so stick to that.
pawn Код: Spawned == false Well, you want Spawned state of the current player, and Spawned is an array of players spawned status, so... Access it at playerid index?
Look up "normalizing" tables, by Vince IIRC. When you start numbering fields (with a few exceptions), you are creating your structure wrong.
pawn Код: native Float:operator+(Float:oper1, Float:oper2) = floatadd; This is an operator override for variables tagged with "Float", which is included by default with a_samp ( to be exa...
You're on a good path. cache_get_data can be replaced with cache_num_rows (which only returns number of rows). Check out for all the latest functi...
Reread my post. One or the other - not both at the same time.
From quick glance at the include, it seems when you stop aiming at the actor the callback gets called with newtarget = INVALID_ACTOR_ID. Use that
Could you search your gamemode for something like "#define isnull"? If you find it, remove the whole line as it is already provided by YSI.
I'd suggest pbkdf2 but don't know if there are implementations for samp. Source for info about whirlpool being unsecure please.