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Quote: Originally Posted by Tom Kingston While trying to implement the .pwn content into a newly created file, I did everything properly, but at the end when I run the server I encounter a...
Quote: Originally Posted by TommyB best script ever
Quote: Originally Posted by faff 200. Your bot has the ID 953 and there is even a 1000, can I see your code for creating them? Maybe an infinite loop.
What you're requesting is what the function does, if you're asking for a timer then it's: pawn Code: SetTimer("SavePlayersAll", 60000, true); If it's not working (what you said) then use debugs, is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Y_Less That's quite wrong, unless all your commands are only uppercase letters. Code: YCMD:([\w@]*[sS])\b Only if case sensitivity is activated, vscode al...
To be more precise: Code: CMD:([A-Z])+s\b So it only returns you commands that ends with "s".
Quote: Originally Posted by Mahmate yes but do you have some gm that is good i cant search about 2 hours to find good gm lmao Do you want slaves to do it for you? This is a "scripting" ...
Quote: Originally Posted by KamilPolska Eg. CMD:makeleader - k<fix>d - para1, level CMD:giveleaderorg - dK<fix>(-1) - family, id Code: SSCANF:fix(string[]) { new ret = INVALI...
Quote: Originally Posted by rockys cache_get_field_content(i, "ClanName", ClanInfo[i][ClanName], Database, 130); No idea why you're posting that, that's an old native from one of the ol...
Are you saving: pawn Code: PlayerInfo[giveplayerid][user_clan] Debug your code and print the value of it before then after the load.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viggo Okay nvm fixed, the problem was in having those default values in the enum. Have no clue why it's buggy tho. You can't assign default values to enums, ...
Replace pawn Code: FreeCamera(mission); By pawn Code: FreeCamera(missionid);
You've got a lot of plugin incompabilities there tho..
Update YSI library and foreach include.
Quote: Originally Posted by SymonClash Thank you both. Crayder, what if i have to use your GenerateRandomString in a command? How? Something like this maybe? pawn Код: CMD:generate(...
Quote: Originally Posted by TokicMajstor It is not the same because later I changed it, it's not matter. Not just skinlist, all of this menus are like that I can't see a cancel button, ...
Explain me this: pawn Code: ShowModelSelectionMenu( playerid, skinlist, "Choose skin"); You can clearly see "Choose skin" but in the screen it's Select skin. Try to replace the variable "skinlis...