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pawn Код: public OnGameModeInit(){    AddPlayerClass( 0, 2195.4729, 1688.1770, 12.3672, 266.4879, 30, 10000, 28, 10000, 24, 10000 );  // Criminal Class   1    AddPlayerClass( 78, 2195.8218, ...
I think it writes to the console what errors the npc is experiencing when joining. Maybe not though. There could be a mis-spelling in the name of the script you assigned to it. Try re-recording it ...
Not sure what you mean by keeps moving but I notice that you never change the gStatus to closed or opened. pawn Код: if(GateInfo[gate][gStatus] == GATE_CLOSED){         MoveObject(GateInfo[g...
The problem is in the array size. Check the enum TSpawnLocation.
Well it is doing what it's supposed to be. Try creating a variable to store the time when they are detected and check it before looking into them further.
Look at GetPlayerCameraFrontVector. They also provide examples. It may or may not be what you're looking for, depending on what you're tryin...
Probably. It looks like that was made with SA:MP but I know objects used in cutscenes like suitcases and whatnot caused crashes in previous versions. Perhaps fixed now? Try and find it.
Maybe OnPlayerUpdate isn't the best place to that many area checks for all the players. A repeating timer of sorts may be more appropriate but that is entirely up to you. You just need to know if th...
Well it kind of depends on what the purpose of this is. Because the length of time it would take would depend on what vehicle you're using. Also the distance would be in GTA units which could be con...
No. SA:MP deals with that long before you get access.
pawn Код: stock ReturnRichest(){    new        tmp,        richest = -1,        amount;    for(new i; i<MAX_PLAYERS; i++)    {        tmp = GetPlayerMoney(i);        i...
That is a very old and out-dated include. It's not super efficient and has a lot of extra stuff in it if you just want it for one function. You'd probably be better off making what you need from it ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Y_Less When you say "the black guy", WHICH black guy do you mean? Hahaha
Try returning 1 inside at the end of the if statement.
I'm pretty sure that's too many arrays for pawn. It only supports up to 2D arrays and having that many intertwined can cause issues.
You would need to store a variable that stores what vehicle the player was driving which could lead to problems when you have multiple players locking and unlocking the same vehicle. It might be easi...
CreateDynamicPickup isn't a native function. You need to use whatever callback was made for that function. Probably what curdy said.
Try this. pawn Код: CMD:checkweapons(playerid, params[]){    if(PlayerInfo[playerid][AdminLevel] >= 2)    {        if(params[0])        {            new              ...
I don't think it gets destroyed. Best just to destroy it after to be safe. Or if you were curious, you could do a test.