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I was already replying when I saw some1 else replied on this one so I didnt check it ^^
I dont want any attention I just wanna check out whats going on... idk about that Zamaroht but Doerfler earned it imo ^^ @ Zh3r0 - maybe you joined when I left or something, not everyone knows me an...
Looks like many things changed regarding the "old-schoolers" So who's inside the Beta Team and such? Getting my interest back into this
Hey there, maybe some of you Guys remember me from 2008-2009 when I was really active on SA-MP, especially on Mini-Missions and Madoshi's. If not, nvm So, my question is - is Mini-Missions still r...
Quote: Originally Posted by CodeMatrix Basically, all I can think of is using some math to figure out the coordinate based on the top left. If you want the coordinate from the center out,...
Quote: Originally Posted by [LRP Sayaron ] lol, German's is kinda strange. Showing a sa-mp server on TV.. It's a Gaming Channel and they are showing Gameplay's of new/other Games, whats ...
If its not such a program then I think the Internet is shutting down at these special times
Quote: Originally Posted by .::: [E Ecko :::. ] This is old,I saw this ages ago Also,it's on 100x topics. Ecko Oh, didnt knew that :/
GIGA stellt SA:MP vor mit dem GermanFunserver Hi there, brett7 posted this on the MM Forums so I decided to post it here :P It shows that SA:MP is even that popular that known German TV Gaming Chan...
I dont understand that whole function
Hey Guys, I want to create a nice FS for a server. Thing is, with this one i'm trying to get into PAWN a bit more, so, as you may know, I am kinda new to pawn. My Question is: The FS I want to cr...
I like that PlayerDrunkLevel :P Could be a nice Admin function, when you type /drunk <ID> <Amount> and set it to 9999999999 or so ^^
Quote: Originally Posted by kc a pissing contest for who is the worst scripter? Right then... lol, then I doubt youre f***ing wrong in here kc ^^
Beaterator ยป Trailer #1 What do you think about that game? As from the trailer that game looks like "Funny for some days but after a while its boring", imo
World Health Organisations need to develop a godmode & healthhack program for every human so we stay alive!
Question is if that Double Click PM is need to be scripted...
My current computer: 1,8 Ghz 1 GB Ram (upgraded) 128mb Graphiccard nVidia GeForce 6200 76gb Harddrive GTA is running on 1024x768... ^^