Search Results that's what u need.
Its simple just update your plugin & include streamer then recompile your script!.
nice map going to use it thanks alot! keeping the credits.
Quote: Originally Posted by Th3_P4dr1n0 Kingj is in Europe, they have 3 locations, France - Rubiax, Netherlands - Amsterdam, UK - Maidenhead, Volt- Host have only one location in Europe, i...
i would say volt host. kingj is alright but the support is abit late but then again am from uk so kingj is in USA i think maybe.
the script was released it was taken down due to someone stolen it so maybe nobody would have them.
this is the one am using can you please point out what i meant to be doing here i have no clue what u talking about money value stuff EDIT: i ha...
use crashdetect plugin and show us the logs or simply just check if you got the right plugins in your server.cfg
sorry for bumping but i really need this fixed. i know anti cheat makes this issue but i dont have any kind of anti cheat in my system. EDIT: what happens is when i buy fuel the money goes down and ...
you doing a awsome job mate keep this up 10/10 i really like it
Quote: Originally Posted by Ighost Just wanted to make clear, that there are 2 owners in the company. I am the one that barely spends any time on the SA-MP forums and I would like you to k...
IG.HOST is seriously shit! the owner is a little faggot dont trust that host at all scamming now days
thanks guys its fixed. Quote: Originally Posted by DBan That is a warning... he is getting an error. nah something i forgot Код: forward TutorialLoop() public TutorialLoop(player...
the error is showing on the public TutorialLoop(playerid)
Quote: Originally Posted by JEkvall95 Help Download crashdetect Plugin ones done put it inside the folder "called Plugins" then go to server.cfg you should see plugins add crashdetect.s...
Quote: Originally Posted by xXHeathXx12 I dont know how to fix it ! Just remove that code as it ant being used. EDIT: its only a warning it will not hurt your script.
Код: CMD:fuel(playerid, params[]) { for(new i=1; i < MAX_FUEL_STATIONS; i++) { if(FuelStationCreated[i]) { if(IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint(playerid, 15.0, FuelStationPos[i][0], FuelStationP...
whenever, i buy fuel from a gas station it takes the money away from me but then it resets back any ideas on i can fix this for me seems to be like a anti cheat system but i dont have any anti cheat y...