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I learnt that there is a whole world outside of the world in which you base your day in. And that there's a whole lot to experience in this world, with the addition of some complete assholes.
I seriously prefer County General, it's better looking.
Oooooh colors 0: Step 1. Type www.*******.com into the browser bar. Step 2. Search ******* for "Photoshop Tutorials" Step 3. Either watch them all and become pro, or find what you need to do for thi...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauzen So its about the server ad section. You should read the stickied threads in there, they will answer all your questions. Jumped straight to the conclus...
Quote: Originally Posted by VladimirMark Hmm try adding more objects and make it look better... Nice comment, "add more objects, cause 450 towels on a hill isn't enough, make it look be...
What happens when your player-base is 200 people who have 50 million dollars... good luck with becoming a movie star.
Hardest game I ever spent 5 minutes of my life playing. EVER.
Mine was 78. And I suck at the copying part other then that I can type really fast. But that was pointless considering it was copying text... not creating text. Something like write a 100 5 letter wor...
And the point of a random un-decorated Glass Building is? Maybe if you put some objects in it. Other then that bland fact your mapping skills are near flawless on smaller tasks, That is. Hope to see ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Si|ent And Elvis still works in my local fish and chip shop Still?
Quote: Originally Posted by Potassium I'm so sick of seeing this shit all over my newsfeed. Yes, making a video about it is disgusting, yes they are clearly douchebags who need to be kno...
Well, in New Zealand there's a news segment going on about rapists, who go by the name or The "Roast Busters". I don't know if you've heard of them, but the news may not have circulated world wide. T...
Just out of curiosity, and the fact that there isn't very many movies I haven't seen, I was wondering what everyone's opinion on the Best or their personal Favorite movie. If the threads already been...
Quote: Originally Posted by FlawPaw Well then start going on topic instead of moaning here? No one is going to buy the game for you so please stop asking for sympathy, you look pathetic O...
Am I the only one whose never owned Battlefield, Call of Duty, Counter Strike or anything like that? The only game I've ever purchased in my life, was the GTA Series with the exception of GTA:V. My l...
Quote: Originally Posted by Danny. I tried to do this by planes and all of a sudden my engines stopped working after 1-2 minutes. Coincidence? I think not ... That shit cray. Cray.
Ban Appeal: Denied: Reasons: No picture or evidence was provided and your ban appeal has been denied. Thanks, you're free to post another Appeal in a week or so's time.