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I haven't played SAMP for a good couple years, but from the screenshots of the unique things people have made with the custom models etc, it looks great - and to remove that in the latest update would...
Nothing reminds me of SA-MP more than Ventrilo\'s old push-to-talk key sound. Those were the days.
turn it off and on again it should do the trick
haha its illegal to profit from sa-mp? sa-mp is illegal in itself, so sell anything you want, but if you're only here to make money, it's not even worth bothering.. go and build an online business/se...
Runescape + SAMP pretty much all I use to play back in the day. Both gave me scripting experience (first started to piss around with runescape private servers), found SAMP and then started scripting t...
Yes, always release/free the cache whenever you store any mysql data. Else it will gradually build up until you restart the server.
I would recommend trying to change commands to ZCMD. It's so much easier.
What are you looking for exactly? A pre-built server package with the map editor filterscript on? I'm not quite sure what you mean.
I advise you to download the plugin 'crashdetector'. This will give more information on what's going wrong!
RP get's boring after a while, and there's only so much you can roleplay without being completely bored or having already done it before.
Looks ace! Keep up the good work.
Looking for game masters for the upcoming relaunch of SAMP Battlefield. A fast paced, TDM server with instant map changing, upgrades, highscores and an amazing community. A requirement is that you're...
Quote: Originally Posted by Alex Magaсa It depends on the lines of the script, a role-play server costs 50-70 euros / usd maximum others offers and prices are just scam. But all i know is...
Never seen this before and I've played SAMP for many years. I guess it's different regions of the world who use this
Use the old MySQL plugin you were using. The mysql functions would have changed, so you'd need to change them all over again.
I had this working in my aviation server - the air traffic control would be able to see where people are flying in the sky, to divert them, etc. Great script.
I am trying to make an XP bar which increases in size once XP is received, textdraws create successfully, but I can't seem to update the size of it for some reason. Код: Player_XPBar[playerid][1...
Quote: Originally Posted by Misiur pawn Код: new string[] = "CreateObject(1, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0)";new modelid;new Float:x, Float:y, Float:z, Float:rx, Float:ry, Float:rz...
Require a little bit of help with this one line of SSCANF code. Код: if (!sscanf(string, "p<,>CreateObject(dffffff", modelid, x, y, z, rx, ry, rz)) So I am trying to get the modelid, x,y,z...
Quote: Originally Posted by iLearner cookielogging 0 in server.cfg helps alot: source tommyb PS: targets of this 'attack' are servers with medium player base (40+) That doesn't fix or...