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Thank-you for the feedback. Quote: I think the trailers are to cluttered up, but it's still a good looking map 7,5/10 Yeah, I was aiming for that. This ain't no holiday park Than...
Код: RemoveBuildingForPlayer(playerid, 3343, -27.6953, 1362.5547, 8.0859, 0.25); RemoveBuildingForPlayer(playerid, 16778, -79.9375, 1385.5938, 9.0000, 0.25); RemoveBuildingForPlayer(playerid, ...
No idea why nobody hasn't commented on it yet. This is a fantastic map. I know myself how long it takes to get everything perfect is such a large place. 8/10 Although the section you posted it in req...
4/10, not a lot of detail. Good job though.
Have you just added the tree's and tanks? 4/10 (too many tree's)
Thanks for the feedback.
Код: CreateObject(11297, 2236.72, -3986.14, -0.25, -2.94, -0.48, 2.82); CreateObject(9249, 2191.76, -3930.96, -16.07, -8.88, -2.28, 175.62); CreateObject(6295, 2270.83, -3911.76, 30.46, ...
Great mapping. Although I don't think fast food restaurants would ever upgrade their restaurants into this. Keep it up.
All custom mapping made by your server or made for your server. Something in the map which hasn't been done before. And last but not least, realistic.
Not bad, but not good enough for a rep from me. Keep it up.
Title lied to me. Oh well, never believe everything you read on the internet.
How about each team sets a leader (make them apply) then for new players joining. They will be set as "Town Folks" or "Civilians" and then they need to apply or RP their way into a team and go through...
How about you place a password onto your computer?
Quote: Originally Posted by [uL]Pottus Porn shops don't have adult content for little kids to see also the map is pretty boring and uninteresting. 5/10 - It's GTA. Anything is possible...
Well, although I don't believe I have seen this type of map released before on SA:MP (although I may be wrong). I thought I would create and share a helpful map for servers to improve the popularity...
I have to say I like your signature better *wink* *wink* But that map overall is nice. Keep it up.
If they are not for release you cannot post them here. This section is for releasing maps only. Good job btw.
Well, the mapping itself is... ok. A lot of objects sicking out / out of place ect... Also, this is a section to 'release' maps not to show them off. Either re-post this at the 'Screenshots & Vide...