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If the mass doesn't update, then we are stuck on 0.3.7. I tried to get people over to 0.3.DL with my little server. But 0.3.DL wasn't on the homepage at the time. Failed. Had to revert. I want 0.3.DL...
How does one fix this O_O Should bring Y_Less back men...
The community wants Y_Less I mean look at the kind of work he puts out We want Y_Less back. Or atleast an explanation, please?
Are you sure? So you are not using Code: DisableInteriorEnterExits(); ? Did you let someone else check on your server to see if its not just happening to you alone?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalcor The reason I imported vc2sa and lc2sa was to show that the new system could handle a large number of downloaded models. The problem with the damage and ...
I'm pretty sure we have exhausted all points to Kalcor. At the end of the day it's his decision when he sees more love & work done for the 0.3.DL. If we want 0.3.DL-2 or 0.3.8, lets start postin...
Do you guys really have to turn every topic into a shit show? I'm supprised Kalcor still replies to these topics. Must be for the good laugh lol
You quoted "OR disabling fire from and to the mission participants" so it was my response to that, I was saying WHY your suggestion shouldn\'t be implemented. And I\'m trying to tell you thats apart...
Why would you do such a thing? (Well it depends on what u want out of your game) In my \'cops and robbers\' overall idea (not just my samp gamemode) I promote corruption.. what If 3 people rob a bank...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dignity Instancing is a fraction of what went wrong with RS3. Let's not get into that, I was just saying that Instancing is dumb in a multiplayer game. I am ...
Save the positions, create checkpoints. Under OnPlayerCheckpoint or a key state change, show some form or menu.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dignity In GTA Online, the early bank heist missions rarely occur in the same world as other players. Simply making it so it's in a different virtual world woul...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalcor I don't watch anything on utube unless there are no alternatives. If there's a time to support alternative platforms, it's now. It's impossible for Goog...
Just a random question.. why Code: #define STREAM_DISTANCE[%0] 100.0 Then you use STREAM_DISTANCE[modelid] s
This is honestly an amazing add-on. I wish it had came earlier. Good job!
Quote: Originally Posted by Slice I'm sorry but this is both inefficient and laggy. Here's a much better version, although the script is private: