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Quote: Originally Posted by Haydz It's back! You may need to reset your DNS if it has not updated automatically, apologies for the downtime. Awesome man! Thank...
Bobby please do not spam your topic
Код: if(dialogid == 158) { if(response) { if(listitem == 0) { SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_RED, "Incorrect! Kicked"); Kick(playerid); } if(l...
Right, well I am about to go out. When I come home I will try and post a fix for you, unless someone beats me to it in the mean time.
38 Download the windows 0.3d server package Compile your gamemode using that server package and run it like normal
Код: // Tank minigun script by Mean. // I don't care about the credits much, but don't // be self-ish. #include < a_samp > #include < a_npc > #define MAX_MINIGUNS 5 #undef MAX_PL...
Hey guys , I have GarHouse , great system with all thing i want. It has the function to create house cars however I am trying to achieve the following: A player buys a vehicle from a dealership. He ...
Thanks cessil , I will try that out.
Hi guys , I have spent a long time away from scripting , and Am having trouble getting my head back around to it..( arggh lol) I am using this for anti advertise , its pretty old code Код: publi...
Hi guys just a quick question What is more appealing to you , teamspeak or ventrillo? And which one do you use more? Thanks .
Quote: Originally Posted by [UG]Scripter I run a hosting company muself, When a customer dosent pay with us and they are 12 days late, We move all their data to a backup location, and as s...
Quote: Originally Posted by cessil 1. you didn't pay on time 2. Woet does not 3. neither is life Ok then who runs it.
Quote: Originally Posted by cessil Who said Woet deleted your stuff? Who says Woet owns serverffs? Why would they keep your files, that are your responsibility to back up? Also pay for yo...
Hi guys! Well I know you might think "omgZ" one of these threads bla bla , but hear me out. Recently , the server in which I play on , and dedicate most of my time , was one hour late on payment to ...
Код: public OnPlayerText(playerid, text[]) { new pname[24], str[128]; GetPlayerName(playerid, pname, 24); format(str, sizeof(str), "%s Says: %s", pname, text); ProxDetector(10.0, p...