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Quote: Originally Posted by LeGGGeNNdA I have a friend that does these stuff, I'm not a fan of anims but I like your videos. Great job Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Team_PRO I like it. Quote: Originally Posted by FahadKing07 I have never seen it. But amazing And again, THANK YOU! Made another one, and t...
Quote: Originally Posted by wanted428 Anime ? Not a fan Quote: Originally Posted by Epixha Awesome, great match of song and scenes. Quote: Originally Posted ...
Cover song A badass one [ame][/ame] And not a badass one [ame][/ame] My last two AMVs [ame]http://www.yo...
Code? Anyway Quote: Originally Posted by Biesmen Your callback "OnPlayerDisconnect" doesn't return a value. Make sure every callback ends with either "return true" or "return false"(retur...
Do you mean the camera? or player?
First, try to increase the range inside IsPlayerInRangeOfPoint (And check for the first coordinate whether it's right or not).
266 Basically pawn Code: COMMAND:mycommand(playerid, params[]) // or CMD:mycommand(playerid, params[]) {  // Do something  return 1; }
You are using "lights" variable to store the light value pawn Code: if(lights)//If light is on{//Set light off here}else//else light is off{//Set light on here} Have you check the link I gave you?
Use pawn tag [PAWN] And what is this PharesAllumer[vehicleid]?
Quote: Originally Posted by RuiGy E-Guitar. Cool, what software are you using?
103 Check out the review, you won"t regret it.
Wow, I remember at the times people complaining when someone releasing "shity" (Or whatever they call them) scripts and spam comments that saying they're a good scripts. But now, people say "NO" when ...
Debug your code. See where it stop.
100 Read carefully.
143 I think it's your "stats1" varibale. (Created without "Text:" tag). pawn Код: new Text:stats1[MAX_PLAYERS]