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Wait are you saying only show up for a specific person? Wouldn't that be kind of like mods for the player though I've never heard of anyone do that before.
I don't know if you guys have noticed but there's always a little flickering in-game. I been on a lot of server and they all do that. I'm not sure if it's the server's problem or the client's problem....
Show us what you get when you do a ping test:
Just replace your current announce.exe, samp-npc.exe, and samp-server.exe with the new 0.3e ones and then recompile your gamemode.
Quote: Originally Posted by [BG]PREDATOR WarriorEd22 you are right its my gamemode that i start from scrach were to download i just code myselft and about this topic i still get error 19 ...
He's saying he's "TRIED" to help 5 people but they all said he can't stay. You're posts are so worthless to this forum. They're all like "download a new gamemode". I mean seriously? What if it's a c...
Quote: Originally Posted by john_jenkins you need to downaload new mode WTF?! What if he has a custom gamemode and not an edit that he's working on? How is he going to just download a c...
Quote: Originally Posted by [BG]PREDATOR hmmm how to fix this Error: Function not registered: 'Streamer_CallbackHook' and Error: Function not registered: 'mysql_query' PHP Code: SA-...
Quote: Originally Posted by dadragon84 ok i fixed the server problem.... it now runs great now my problem is that i get another error Could Not Read Interiors file ( properties/interior...
I'm not quite getting it. Why are most people who run roleplay servers using edits? (Godfather, Raven's, NGRP)
Thanks to both of you guys but I have this resolved now. As a scripter, I should have known this. And if you're somebody that's having the same problem, I would check this out: https://sampwiki.blast....
Leave all the 0.3d files there BUT just replace the "announce" and "samp03.exe". (I'm on mobile so I can't remember if it's called samp03.exe or whatever but you know what I mean.)
Quote: Originally Posted by •K3N_ You don't want to tell like that, if you have this already then don't download or come to the topic.I am waiting for this and if he want to create like ...
Wow brother, you are good! I'm so happy 0.3e got released today! Edit: Hmm it's sad that this doesn't work. I tried it but when I create an object, it doesn't show up and when I type /gotoobject (/g...
It seems like your gamemode is corrupted. Use [Plugin] nativechecker to help you fix it.