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Guys Help me please , I can't run any script on my laptop , everytime I start the server it gives me this error at the end : "Script[gamemodes/freeroam.amx]: Run time error 19: "File or function is no...
So A friend of mine been facing this problem at atleast the servers we play, It makes him log in, then it takes 10-20 second and the it appears "Server is restarting" then it keep on He's from egypt. ...
I got a suggestion and i felt like to post it here I think.. We set a small team,And everyone who wants to make a server must be reviewed by this team,so the team can decides if it gets posted on th...
Never thought i would find my girl in samp O.O.. @OT: Good luck with your life
Quote: Originally Posted by Hardicore Face Palm ? Spam much?
Project Reality RP True RolePlay Los Santos RP
I speak English and Arabic "laungues" xD Languages** btw
Quote: Originally Posted by [J] Does it happen without mods ? Does it happen in 0.3.7 ? If it doesn't, use streammemfix for older versions. It's most likely your car mods and maybe skin ...
Hello I'm here to share my problem 1-)PC Specs: /Intel Core I5 /4 GB Ram /Intel HD Graphics 4000 & AMD Readon 8200 2-)Problem: /-Game runs smoothly and everything is fine It comes at many-object...
It maybe You downloaded a ENB script and you deleted it,and left it's shit or It maybe an missed up ENB,try to edit the graphics settings in the GTA SA
It's sad to see an awesome server like that is closed. -That's a quite wonderful script Going to use it. +REP for you,Soupest.
Dark Siders 1&2,I tried Dark Souls 2;Its quite awesome!
Enginner - Able To ride Rhinos etc Medic - Heal Others Donor - Self Explained Rambo - Have access to high weapons
Nice,But the lamps is a terrible idea Maybe remove some
Quote: Originally Posted by MohanedZzZ My opinion! I don't feel safe on this forums i will deactive my account, i don't loss my two balls, sorry. Do it with me please Mine are about to ...