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Just curious as to why you're using INI instead of Mysql?
I hope something more comes of this.
Just to clarify. You've currently got it set so that when you click on a specific dialog and it makes a sound and you want a way to remove the sound once you close the dialog?
Код: enum weedinfo { planted, finished, Float:poswx, Float:poswy, Float:poswz, Text3D:labelweed }; You missed the Код: ;
Thanks for letting us know about it.
Very creative You should use texture studio to add a bit more contrast and depth.
Is there a message in the console that says something like " Can't connect to database " ?
I don't know about the rest of you but my prefered genre for any game is apocalyptic. I've been looking for new zombie RP servers to hitch hike my way into but as far as i'm aware there's only two, D...
Quote: Originally Posted by Variable™ Check if the killer ID isn't an INVALID_PLAYER_ID at this part: Код: if(pInfo[killerid][Human] == 1) Also why do you add "forward OnPlayerDeath"...
Been getting this problem for a little while now. This is showing up after i made the code for OnPlayerDeath. Код: [22:48:50] [debug] Run time error 4: "Array index out of bounds" [22:48:50] [de...
I to find it alot easier rather then using dialog ids, it makes it alot easier to track them rather then having to remember the id's for example. Код: #define DIALOG_REGISTER Код: if(dialogid...
What does Код: public OnPlayerEnterCheckpoint(playerid) Look like? Код: CreateCheckpoint(GLOBAL_OWNER_ID, NVPD_BASE_BOTT_CP, 2268.0991, 2449.2891, -7.1953, 1.0);
Quote: Originally Posted by Affan Don't run xSF gamemode if you can't script. lmao Yes that. Have you connected the gamemode to the database? are you using crash detect ?
I think what he means is he wants his gang/family color to show in /families
Good job with this
I honestly love the stuff you bring out. Keep it up with these epic releases.
Have you got a stock or function for loading player data from the database?
Quote: Originally Posted by Logic_ Come up with something on your own. Don't be an ass please, if you're not going to contribute anything useful keep your unwanted comments to yourself....
I'm about 90% percent done with my gamemode and was wondering what you all think would be a good addition or feature to add to a zombie vs human gamemode. I'm aware there's quite a few out at the mom...