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Really nice job. maybe some ideas for the next update i know it's not hard to do X Y Z codes for dealerships but i would like to see that being dynamic. or maybe someone can edit it +REP
Quote: Originally Posted by Meller So it is strange to talk with a stranger? rip, I'm fucked up. People might think you are a weirdo.
Run the complier as admin because it might be opening it some were else.
Pretty nice apart from it looks really dark.
you forgot to hide the spawn selection, however this wont be hard to convert to english
Am level 107 and am a broke ass. (PC format)
Still cant wait for gameplay videos
Really can't wait to see some gameplay. mafia 2 was really amazing and i will look forward to the news big fan
Looks like you have no clue what you doing.
I just seen a thread about it very shocking to see some of the comments about it (Rest in peace fly safe) I didn't know him but i feel really sorry for his family & friends close by.
Really neat coding, very useful for people like myself.
I have no idea why am having this but let me start. I am localhosting my own server to test out my script etc, but whenever i connect to my own server i don't see any register/login box what should s...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cookland So many people use this now, it' unbelievable! :3 -- It's a nice release though, I must say. Please prove that give me a server address.
bugged tunnel someone give me a example on what u mean?
****** as gone they is no need to talk about him any longer as he moved on in life..
Smartbytes Hosting sounds like it's ran by kids and from the look of the site what the heck looks ugly i wouldn't even trust that crap but you know that's my point of view. No response? seriously ever...