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Now its more like people got used to it, unlike before, fear of the virus is over. Things are getting back to normal except its still spreading
Take a moment for those who missed it out or with shit pcs
I'm supposed to work from home, most of the time i Netflix, yet i get paid. So its not that bad as long as i don't get the virus. Stay safe guys, don't die.
It kinda depends on my mood. Little bit of everything would do it for me.
There must be some hints in server log, post it here.
Quote: Originally Posted by s3ek i deleted vehicles_save.txt and add more in vehicles_setup.txt but after reset all cars ... no installe and nothing cars in vehicles_save.txt ..0 cars ...
You should add the vehicles in vehicles_setup.txt Quote: Changing the Vehicles Whenever you change anything in "vehicles_setup.txt" You MUST Delete "vehicles_save.txt" from the "Script...
Quote: Originally Posted by ChristolisTV Look here I put the three include files and it says that: C:\Users\Chris\Desktop\NEW\pawno\include\ (20) : fatal error 100: cannot read...
You can find the saved positions in \Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\SAMP
That looks pretty nice, he must have spent hell of alot of time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Barnwell yeah i upload all SQL Tables what to do re-upload? Not the SQL dump what he meant, make sure that you have LARP > Logs folders in your scriptfile...
Did you ever tried with linux plugins?
This command doesn't hold any string characters, so it must be some other command or function which gives this warning.
You need to install the library "".
I guess you're using some odd version of it.
pawn Код: if(PlayerInfoEv[playerid][evsayisi] == 0) return SendClientMessage(playerid,-1,"En fazla 1 ev satın alabilirsiniz.");
Quote: Originally Posted by falcons I know sir but i tried to find about full sa-mp scripting tutorial but not found so that i am asking how to start from the begining You cannot find e...
Quote: Originally Posted by falcons I know but i want full scripting tutorial not only a thread for scripting beginner!! I just want full scripting tutorial Do you think you can be a p...