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This GM is kinda awesome, but too many cars on the streets, this sucks over the limits...
Damn, this is hot :X good job Skizzo but many files are missing , also commands like /makeleader , or , /gotols etc..
Quote: Originally Posted by ray8995 Yea I agree thats completely stupid. !!!!!
I was with the same problem,now works at me. 1.reinstall the gta 2.reinstall samp 3.make the image with deamon tools again and keep it like this,and try to play . And dont instal mods.
I have the same windows like you,so follow this steps : 1 reinstall gta 2 reinstall samp 3 make again the image of the game with deamon tools etc,and then try to play me works like this
You are wrong man ,the mods can broke your game. I have ls-rp modpack,and a skin car on Sultan,and my game crashed like yours,i need to reinstall it,samp and gta
Quote: Originally Posted by spedico AddPlayerClass(126,1178.2998,-1323.9707,14.1132,267.2560,0,0,0,0,0,0); X = 1178.2998 Y = -1323.9707 Z = 14.1132 It's like AddPlayerClass(skin_id, X, ...
Hi guys,i have 2 litle questions . 1)where i can find the id-s of colors on o3c ? i mean that codes ox22xasda2e etc . 2)I have this coordonats from /save Код: AddPlayerClass(126,1178.2998,-1323....
guys.that tutorials are good for me , but how i can disable a pickup ? Sorry for my bad language [and i'm beginner at script ,and i try to learn somethin for you guys ]
Hi guys , i have a question. I saw on a server,3d textdraws on the houses and businesess , with the details , owner,price per renting etc... how i can set the 3d textdraws on my gamemode ? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by iMonk3y Wasn't this released already? I'm sure I saw it earlier today yes,and that shits up on the car or plane...what the hell,we are on a concert here?
I swear i have laughed 5 minutes at this because the clip is funny, and the sound to )
I have a problem,i use this , but in my country now my time is 17:31, and on the server on that clock ,the time is 00.01 ) How i can set it?
Hi guys,i have a samp server,i need a anti flooder a somethin like this,when i have 40 players on server, a idiot atack my server with ddos or flood ... Help me with a program or i don't know... Sorr...
Hi everybody ,i am beginner at script,i have 2 questions . 1)I have a samp server,and i have downloaded a vehicle control,that sistem have the function with carplate,it works but when i tipe /v park ...
I will use this. PS : Stop with this words like : I have maked a fs like this in 1 minute , and is much beter ,bla bla . Maybe this guy is a beginner scripter and for him is hard , because he is beg...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hayden_Bruin Theres this one without the speedo thanks dude, for a tip of like that im lookin thanks.
Hy everybody ! For the first , merry christmass. today , i saw on a server, in the left down , under the minimap , a textdraw , and in that textdraw you can see where you are . I give you an example :...
Oo yea , after the Snowman textdraw [that is so cute] , we have now a tree textdraw :d thanks dude, i will use it.