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Quote: Originally Posted by Write Then why the fuck did you comment, bro? it's not obligatory to comment, you know. You don't even have to voice your opinion, you annoying pittle. Becau...
Hangt af van je beveiliging of het verstandig is. Daarnaast maakt het niet uit of je er een domeinnaam aan hangt, die stuurt je toch door naar het ip adres.
Just make a skype group. Skype is for pc, tablet and phone. A lot of people are pc nerds here who are on skype 24/7
Quote: Originally Posted by aymel Pmd u my number xx Nope
I'm not gonna give my phone number away to strangers. I don't like to be called at night by some random drunk teenage boys.
******* is so successful because it's free. Paying for some extra pretty useless functions is not worth it.
Buy a new one. The wagon r is one of the most ugly cars on the planet. And also, your car is probably worth less than the parts you need.
Quote: Originally Posted by EskimoZM 1 Question Please ? How can i use steam in my home ? Boil water and let the steam escape.
Nice picture m9, don't have a "prt scr" button?
Quote: Originally Posted by Giogimic Yeah it's great i mean if you could get 16GB Ram instead of 8 that'd be a bit better but over all it's a great machine. You really don't need that. ...
Nothing changed, stop making posts like this please.
CS:GO Rust Arma, Arma II & Arma II Garry's Mod Euro Truck Simulator 2
[ame][/ame] dikke toeters rooken
Tixxt;3565196 Wrote: -- Wie mij uitleg kan geven veel rep+ van mij en een aantal vrienden! -- Wanneer krijg ik nu een aantal vrienden?