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Voting system [Election] simple method Quote: you need to /voteenter inside. Please bear in mind, only one person can enter the room at a time. While yo...
Did you try using MySQL query in the MySQL server and see what's your result comes with? Try using cache_get_field_content
Another great done by Y_less <3 REP+
You can take a hook into the main public callback. Not possible to take public callback to a hook(?) For making the order, you can just put the line upper to load first. Like.. PHP код: fu...
PHP код:        bInfo[id][b_intx]=cache_get_field_content_float(i, "b_intx",dbhandle);        bInfo[id][b_inty]=cache_get_field_content_float(i, "b_inty",dbhandle);      ...
Can you actually show how you not really getting the data? The code seems okay to me.
If the problem is in your enum? Do you get any error or anything? If your exterior works, then why interior not?
Quote: Originally Posted by Logic_ It doesn't create another object. It creates and the object and modifies the client to change the texture as ordered by the server. I heard from a few...
You all know about the SetDynamicObjectMaterial and SetDynamicObjectMaterialText . I am researching a few information about this. Does SetDynamicObjectMaterialText/SetDynamicObjectMaterial somehow ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Vince What's the point of this? Just pass text to the function directly. A screenshot of the result would also be nice. Thanks for the tip. Ya, it can be don...
Hello there, Most of you know how it works but a tutorial for new developers would be helpful. If you need to know about the usage of this tutorial, please check this thread first. [ https://sampfor...
Scripting and mapping service is available now, contact me if you need one. TGoldenB is my skype or contact me here.
Made an improved version for you. Try it out : PHP Code: public OnPlayerKeyStateChange(playerid, newkeys, oldkeys) {     new SmokeObjectCreated;     if(newkeys & KEY_YES)    ...
Update the and same version's streamer.dll No problem with codes but plugins and .inc
Code: format(string, sizeof(string), "%d", i); You are detecting name, why number comes here in the string? It is telling the script, find the number in the name, if no number found, kick him. [hr][/...
Whatever you do with CMD:***( playerid, params[] ) Always follow this method, otherwise you will get errors with " Unknown command ". Код: CMD:commandname( playerid, params[] ) { ..... ... retur...
Hi iGetty, Aren't you from SARP's developer team?
Well, beginners should follow this type tutorials because it will help them to learn the scripting more clearly and quickly.
SA:MP Dying OMG OMG OMG -_- SAMP won't die soon lmao.