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Almost 7 years and I still regret my username... Also if anyone guessed, running free hosting services isn't very profitable. God I wish 15/16 year old me knew that...
a) Your uploading the windows version, use the linux version. b) We aren't your hosting provider so we don't know their exact setup, contact them.
Not quite sure what you mean but you should reference external files using // instead of http:// if that makes sense?
Quote: Originally Posted by GatsbyTrieu SATABW: Unlimited lol'd.. But seriously why ask here? It's a problem with your host and therefore you should contact them.
Quote: Originally Posted by UpSMaX But why does it say 3GB is usable btw i hate my pc Because some of your RAM is allocated to the OS, also of course you can install a 64bit OS since y...
Would only be useful if we were able to see what was actually on the map, however there are many of those already which would make the whole idea kind of redundant. Although it's a cool concept though
On an intel based mac you can just use bootcamp..
I had a similar issue, turns out I completely forgot I was using a different DNS server. Try switching it to ******'s and see what happens. Another useful thing to do would be to ping common sites and...
Quote: Originally Posted by God'Z War which version your using ? if its 3z-r1 update to 3z-r2 SA-MP 0.3z R2-2 server - The default 'ackslimit' is raised from 1000 to 3000. Some servers...
Up your ackslimit to something like 4000 or 5000..
I got my reputation in the beginning by helping others while learning myself, that's probably the best way to get into any kind of coding language; you get what you want while learning a valuable skil...
Quote: Originally Posted by 1fret Dude I'm looking for a command that rob stores not player He also apparently gave you a /rape command... Anyway ignore him he's just looking for REP, a...
I hate to double post, but sonevable just posted another amazing video: [ame][/ame]
Quote: Originally Posted by rymax99 You'll need to learn PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS to make a UCP, as well as your game mode already being in MySQL. You can do it with an FTP based gamemode..
Again? You do realize these keep getting deleted as they are literally just adverts for your ******* channel?
You need to indent your code properly.. This is a pretty good topic on the matter.
Quote: Originally Posted by Atyender Thank You! Actually I'm pretty sure Huge Clucker is 250, Gansta is 500 and High-Roller is definitely 1000.
First of all use [pawn] tags and second of all this won't work for every setup, there is different command processors such as ZCMD and YCMD which are the only scenario where this would work.. That bei...